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An Open Letter to the Sexual Sufferer

How do you rebuild after sexual victimization?​

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10 Things You Should Know About Being Single

10 things everyone should know about life as a single. 

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How to Understand the End-Times Prophecies in Daniel

What do the 70 weeks in Daniel 9 refer to? How should we understand this passage and others like it? 

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What Ecclesiastes Is About In Two Minutes

God knows life sometimes doesn't make sense. 

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What Did Jesus Teach About Hell?

It may seem remarkable, but no Bible spokesman places more stress on hell as the final consequence of God’s judgment of condemnation than Jesus.​ 

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The Lies That Are Feeding Your Social Anxiety and How the Gospel Confronts Them

The Gospel addresses and answers both of the lies that feed our social anxieties. And it does so in a way that has absolutely nothing...

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Why America's Religious Pluralism Is A Gospel Opportunity

It can sometimes be overwhelming when we think of how America's religious landscape has changed in a relatively short period of time.​

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Why You Should Seek God When You Feel Lonely

Don't Run from Loneliness, Run to God If we will stop our mad dash toward escape—it feels panicky to stop, but if we're willing, and...

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Is It a Sin to Miss Church?

Is attending church really that important? 

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What the Book of James Tells Us About God

It’s always a good reminder as a theology student, just how much you can get from applying yourself directly to the text of Scripture . ...