Thousands of demonstrators protested across the country as Donald Trump’s UK visit turned from talks with the Prime Minister and the Queen to golf.

The US president flew to Glasgow Prestwick airport on Friday night for a two-day private stay at his Turnberry golf resort, as the protests entered their third day.

People marched in Edinburgh from the Scottish Parliament to the Meadows, waving placards with messages including “Dump Trump” and ”Love Trumps Hate,” as part of a so-called “Carnival of Resistance”.

Meanwhile, demonstrators gathered outside the Turnberry course in Ayrshire, where demonstrators shouted: “No Trump, no USA, no KKK, no racist USA!”

Police were still investigating on Saturday after Greenpeace flew a paraglider with a banner bearing the message “Trump well below par” above the resort on Friday evening, despite restrictions on the airspace above the course.

In London, a “Welcome Trump” procession joined with a ”Free Tommy” march, to form a group of several hundred who demonstrated in support of the US President and the far-right leader.

The Metropolitan police separated the group from antifascist protesters and placed restrictions on when and where the demonstrators could gather.

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Police are patrolling the Trump Turnberry resort in South Ayrshire, where the US president and first lady are spending the weekend. Yesterday, snipers watched on from the roof of the golf course in Scotland as a paraglider flew within yards of Mr Trump.
Britain will have a “great deal of freedom” to negotiate a trade deal with the US under Theresa May's Brexit plan, trade secretary Liam Fox has said.

Dr Fox said “very positive” discussions had been taking place with US officials on a future deal after Britain has left the EU.

In a joint press conference with Ms May on Friday, Mr Trump appeared to row back on an earlier interview in which he said the Government's latest proposals would kill off the prospect of a deal with the US.

Dr Fox said ministers had been able to explain details of their plan - which would see Britain maintain a “common rule book” with the EU covering standards for trade in goods - during their meetings with the president and his officials.

He said the plan would enable the UK to offer much greater access to US goods than the EU was prepared to allow.
But he said Britain would not admit US agricultural products that did not meet current standards.

“We will have complete freedom in terms of market access of how much of those approved goods come into the United Kingdom, so if we want to reduce the tariff, for example, on American cars we would have the freedom to do so,” he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

“That is essentially what we would be able to offer in any trade agreement. We would be able to offer much freer market access than the European Union would.

“The standards would be the same. That therefore removes the need for inspection at the border. But in terms of market access the United Kingdom would have a great deal of freedom.”
Mr Trump raised eyebrows yesterday when he walked in front of the Queen as they inspected the guard of honour of the Coldstream Guards.
Earlier, the US President broke protocol by failing to bow when he greeted the monarch.
Full story here:

A 20ft Donald Trump baby blimp will be flown at a protest in Edinburgh, following its appearance above a march in Parliament Square in London on Friday.

Mr Trump said the inflatable made him “feel unwelcome” in the city, on his second day of a four-day UK visit.

Campaigners confirmed the blimp will fly in the Meadows, where a protest march against the US presidents ends, from around noon.

An Edinburgh City Council spokeswoman: “The council, Police Scotland and the Civil Aviation Authority were happy to give it the go-ahead as there were no security concerns.”

Protester Leo Murray said: “We were inundated with messages from friends and allies in Scotland asking us to bring Trump baby up, so we really wanted to make sure that he could be a part of the amazing spread of protests taking place over the weekend.”

Parliamentary officials rejected a request for the blimp to fly at Holyrood and airspace restrictions have prevented it from being flown above Mr Trump's Turnberry golf resort.

The US president has announced his arrival in Scotland on Twitter, saying he will be conducting meetings while staying at his Turnberry resort. Golf is his "primary form of exercise", he said. 
Protesters have arrived in Turnberry to protest against the US president. Here, Scottish stand-up comedian Janey Godley gives a high five to a police officer as she holds a sign in protest on the beach outside near Trump Turnberry Luxury Collection Resort. The Independent has blurred some of the letters on the sign.
(Leon Neal/Getty Images)
Some more from trade secretary Liam Fox's interview this morning:
Donald Trump is "an enemy of the UK: hostile to our interests and what we stand for", Lib Dem leader Vince Cable writes in The Independent today.
Footage from outside Mr Trump's Turnberry resort, where protesters are gathering:
Here's Labour MP David Lammy speaking to The Independent yesterday:
"I don't think any of us could have believed that a man full of such bile, such hatred, such evil would get his hands on what as its best is the beacon of freedom in the world," he said. "This presidency is worse than any of us could have ever ever imagined."
Pro-Trump demonstrators are gathering outside the US embassy in London. The "Welcome Trump" march is due to join up with a  "Free Tommy Robinson" procession, in support of the jailed far-right leader.


Some photographs from outside Turnberry, the luxury golf resort in Scotland where the US President is staying. 
Police have been searching vehicles waiting to enter the premises.
Andy Buchanan/Getty
Henry Nicholls/Reuters
More than 100 protesters have gathered outside Trump International Golf Links by Balmedie in Aberdeenshire.

Speakers rallied demonstrators who waved Mexican and CND flags and carried placards with slogans including “Britain Says No to Trump” and “Trump not Welcome Here”.
Passing motorists sounded their horns while half a dozen police officers stood at the entrance to the Menie Estate, where Mr Trump opened his first Scottish golf course in 2012.
Some people have made their disapproval of the US President visible from the sky.
Let's relive that moment an anti-Trump banner was flown over the US President's Turnberry golf resort...
Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard has pledged there will be “peaceful, but passionate” protests against the US president.

The Labour politician, who is due to join marchers in Edinburgh, condemned US President for his “misogyny, his racism, his bigotry” and his “denunciation of climate change and his anti-trade union actions”.
“Donald Trump is not welcome here. The horrific scenes at the Mexican border are just the latest example of his repudiation of decent human values," Mr Leonard said on the Red Robin website.
"Caging children like animals is barbaric and we simply cannot roll out the red carpet for a US president who treats people that way.
“These demonstrations are not simply just about the politics of Donald Trump, it is about his moral values as well.”
He added: “It is not about right versus left, it is about right versus wrong.”
Protesters are gathering in Edinburgh, with some demonstrators carrying a large banner bearing the message: "Scotland against Trump."
Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
"Welcome Trump" and "Free Tommy" demonstrators have begun a rally in London. Several protests against the imprisonment of far-right leader Tommy Robinson have already taken place in Britain, including one that saw supporters perform Nazi salutes and attack police. Mr Robinson will appeal his 13-month sentence at the Court of Appeal on 18 July.
Full story of why Robinson was jailed here:

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