The Series Lives: TES VI is announced

Fandom of TES series can be relieved: Bethesda announced the next chapter of epic TES series on E3. There is no information about the game at all, even no clue […]

May 2018 TESL Meta Snapshot

The ranking of a deck is determined by its power level, popularity, and its matchups. This style of ranking means that the most powerful decks found in tournaments are not […]

Rumble Gauntlet: June 2 – 4

Put your best deck to the test – it’s time for the Rumble Gauntlet! The rules for this event are simple: select your favorite deck and battle your way through […]

TESL April TOP 100 is Live!

Congratulations to all who made it to TOP-100 Legends! And you can track perfomance of TOP players using our handy service.