The Series Lives: TES VI is announced

Fandom of TES series can be relieved: Bethesda announced the next chapter of epic TES series on E3. There is no information about the game at all, even no clue […]

May 2018 TESL Meta Snapshot

The ranking of a deck is determined by its power level, popularity, and its matchups. This style of ranking means that the most powerful decks found in tournaments are not […]

Rumble Gauntlet: June 2 – 4

Put your best deck to the test – it’s time for the Rumble Gauntlet! The rules for this event are simple: select your favorite deck and battle your way through […]

TESL April TOP 100 is Live!

Congratulations to all who made it to TOP-100 Legends! And you can track perfomance of TOP players using our handy service.

He did it again: mrAquaman88 won ESL!

Congratulations to our legendary frontman and streamer mrAquaman88 who gloriously won ESL tournament! And thanks everyone who supported him during the way to the victory. Here is winning decks: Super Control Tribunal […]