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  1. 2 hours ago

    The tech industry believes it has the power to transform modern medicine; some even claim we could achieve immortality through technology.

  2. Nov 12

    Chip designer AMD has expanded the range of tools and support for Linux-friendly features embedded in its system-on-chips, allowing developers to optimize processing speeds with open-source code.

  3. Nov 8

    As and await a decision from the US Department of Defense on the $10 billion JEDI cloud contract, they also need to justify to their employees the sale of technology that could be used for lethal ends.

  4. Nov 6

    IBM's $34 billion takeover of underscores the strategic importance of community-driven software development.

  5. Nov 6

    In the ongoing quest to balance immense power with altruism, announced that it would commit $25 million to projects dedicated to social beneficence.

  6. Oct 30

    While your legacy phone system may be working well, a move to VoIP is inevitable.

  7. Oct 29

    China’s is opening two data centers in London as it boosts its European offerings and takes on rivals , Microsoft and .

  8. Oct 26

    US robotics innovator is hot on the viral-effect spectrum, but it has proved less adept at marketing robots for industrial and business uses.

  9. Oct 25

    At last week's Universe event, executives made their pitch for automating the development process with a new assembly of tools called GitHub Actions.

  10. Oct 24

    CEO fraud and other clever social engineering threats are silently compromising companies as unwitting users click their way to a nasty surprise.

  11. Oct 23

    Despite widespread denials, the tech world is rocking in the wake of a Bloomberg article alleging that Chinese individuals had smuggled tiny "spy chips" into datacenter servers deployed in the US.

  12. Oct 22

    Network giant and chipmaker have partnered to ease the implementation of deep learning as enterprise customers find that deep learning requires deeper integration.

  13. Oct 19

    Missing journalist Jamal Kashoggi has shaken confidence in SoftBank’s tech-linked Vision Fund, and potentially derailed billions of dollars of high-stakes technology investment.

  14. Oct 17

    HP has unveiled a new printer that stands out for one very important reason; it works with stainless steel.

  15. Oct 16

    Perimeter-based security in the form of a robust firewall was once considered the standard for keeping hackers out, but the number of doors you have to slam shut has grown exponentially.

  16. Oct 15
  17. Oct 12

    Long known as a pioneer of GPU for computer gaming, chip maker Nvidia has released a chipset designed specifically for robotic applications.

  18. Oct 11

    Amid a shortage of IT professionals, the question of how to recruit and retain workers is especially relevant.

  19. Oct 8

    California governor Jerry Brown has signed into law the toughest state-level law to date, setting the stage for a battle against the federal Justice Department.

  20. Oct 5

    Companies that facilitate content delivery from data centers to end users are taking aim at data transmission charges.


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