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  1. Aug 20

    Driverless cars and mobility-as-a-service is expected to grow exponentially in the next 30 years, but how will programmers today determine the best way to program to make the ethical decisions that humans make every day when behind the wheel?

  2. Aug 14

    has introduced a host of new security features designed to make workplace communications safer.

  3. Aug 14

    is a huge buzz word. But what does it actually mean?

  4. Aug 13

    How much does it cost to become an Certified Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, or specialty? There can be more than just testing expenses.

  5. Aug 13

    As new smartphones look a lot like last year’s retreads, is shaking up the market with a genuinely disruptive underlying technology – motion detection.

  6. Aug 12

    With more small businesses turning to Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems, isn’t it time you consider the cost and equipment advantages that may bring to your company?

  7. Aug 12

    Asking questions is easy: Anyone can do it. Asking the right question, however, can be challenging.

  8. Aug 8

    The Pentagon is taking surveillance to the skies with a fleet of solar-powered balloons in a test that promises to provide data for a mobile supercomputer is building for the military.

  9. Aug 7
  10. Aug 6

    When the made its appearance, realized that it was much easier to access a person’s system and collect sensitive data using a less secure device such as a smart refrigerator. Once inside your network, they can easily access all your devices.

  11. Aug 5

    companies from A to Z – or to – bank on the creative disruption of formerly staid industries. Real estate is no exception.

  12. Aug 5

    Google’s Advanced Protection Program is one of the key features that helps safeguard the personal Accounts of anyone at risk of targeted online attacks.

  13. Aug 2

    The sales assistant Ciara says its mission is to help a sales team that works solely in an office learn how to make that perfect phone call – even to an unannounced contact known in the industry as a cold call.

  14. Aug 2

    giants have overlooked the importance of seemingly simple tasks such as certificate maintenance and secure permission controls, falling victim to and other repercussions. Below are 3 of the most common errors & ways to avoid them.

  15. Aug 1

    is pushing developers of software applications to beat the bugs – and the who exploit them – by adopting newer “memory-safe” languages.

  16. Jul 31

    The has shaken up the ways companies store personal information on the continent. With more than 80 countries implementing sovereignty laws of varying degree of stringency over the past decade, the market for solutions is growing fast.

  17. Jul 30

    is investing $1 billion in , a four-year-old Silicon Valley research laboratory, to create a super-powered, digital version of the human brain.

  18. Jul 25

    You don't need one of the 3 Hyperscale Cloud providers—AWS, Azure and Google Cloud—in order to deliver on a cloud strategy.

  19. Jul 24

    As 's competitors unveil smaller processors, the world’s largest chipmaker is claiming size doesn't matter, specifically the size of its chips -- even as it struggles to fit more circuits on its silicon.

  20. Jul 23

    , a company owned by Elon Musk, stepped out of the shadows this week to announce it has developed a technology to allow humans to control computers with brain implants.


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