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  1. 12 hours ago

    Ensuring proper could not be more important for today’s IT leaders. However, you must secure critical buy-in from the C-suite.

  2. Jan 17

    's new hub helps authenticate pharmaceutical packaging in order to find and stop counterfeit products in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

  3. Retweeted
    Jan 17

    The Bigger Picture for Cloud and the Contact Center (Part 1 of 3) My latest

  4. Jan 17

    Amidst allegations that it's equipment could be used by Chinese authorities to spy, has revealed a new processor chip for use in data centers and cloud computing.

  5. Jan 16

    Natural language processing, with its potential to connect non-computer-oriented users with the data they generate, is becoming a highly sought-after technology by Facebook and Google as they race to harness the potential of artificial intelligence.

  6. Jan 15

    provides the secure delivery of code that is missing.

  7. Jan 15

    CTO Larry Ellison is in for a challenging 2019: He’s been appointed as an independent director at Tesla, just as Oracle moves its database and business software clients away from their in-house data centers to the cloud.

  8. Jan 14

    has acquired disaster recovery specialist CloudEndure for a reported $250 million as it seeks to bolster its data backup and cyber resilience offer in the cloud.

  9. Jan 13

    As you roll out more devices, it’s time to add IoT threat modeling – a structured approach to identifying, quantifying, and addressing IoT security risks to your strategy.

  10. Jan 12

    The biggest difficulty teams face is that they’re always one step behind the criminals, but is perfectly suited to make security more proactive.

  11. Jan 11

    Earlier this month, open-sourced HE-Transformer, the tool that frees models to run on encrypted data.

  12. Jan 10

    is on the horizon, but many devices will not be ready for the change.

  13. Jan 10

    can only protect your if it is deployed correctly. Is yours?

  14. Jan 9

    is offering it's proprietary Security Credential and Management System for free to help urban engineers build smart cities.

  15. Jan 8

    Fog computing isn't a new method of predicting the weather. It’s the latest buzzword related to how data are stored and accessed.

  16. Jan 8

    The lifted limits on a radar-enabled chipset from that allows users to control mobile devices simply by wiggling their fingers.

  17. Jan 7

    is taking on and Optimizely with the launch of a web optimization tool that it claims "fills in the gaps" left by rivals.

  18. Jan 4

    stands ready to enable some of the most exciting innovations yet.

  19. Jan 4

    filed a suit over what it argues are biased deal terms of the Pentagon's lucrative $10 billion contract with .

  20. Jan 3

    A move to the can be fraught with technology and security risks, not to mention the widely varying costs of cloud computing.


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