VirtualSIM - your Ukrainian, Russian, Latvian, Kazakhstan, Polish mobile phone number for SMS verifications
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■ Poland numbers are available for all plans! The price for Poland numbers is equal to Latvian.
■ Automatic 24 hours/day lines are available: $20/month per number via site interface, $35/month per 2 numbers via Android remote access. Ask operator in chat or messengers
■ Saturday is a vacant day. See you on Sunday at 11am GMT! (Operator on duty may work, please see other announces here).
■ On Sunday, January, 20th, we are online from 11 am till 3 pm (11:00 - 15:00) GMT. Welcome!

Need own phone number for anonymous SMS? can help you!

Personal dedicated anonymous phone numbers of Ukraine (+380), Russia (+7), Latvia (+371), Kazakhstan (+7 7) to register and keep any web service with SMS verification: social networks (Facebook, Vk, Telegram, Instagram), Google, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp,, money transfer services, exchanges, betting sites etc (see extended list at the page end)
Totally anonymous - no registration, no personal data, offline data storage, encrypted chat available (OTR for ICQ and Jabber), cryptocurrencies payment option
Reliable - you will not lose your number; your number will never be re-sold or re-used
Personally yours - we do not re-sell and re-use numbers even if you ordered one-time activation
Accessible every day from 11am till 3pm (11:00-15:00) GMT (except Saturday, we have vacant day), various contacts options
Inexpensive subscription from $5 per year, SMS are free
Trusted - working since autumn of 2014; solid customers base
Simple and fast - order form, web panel, live operator dialogue mode on demand

We offer pricing plans for personal, marketing and business purposes:

  • General information
    • We offer numbers of Russia (+7), Ukraine (+380), Latvia (+371), Poland (+48) and Kazakhstan (+7 7)
    • Every registration is exclusive - number will not be reused for web-services you have already registered
    • We are working in dialogue mode - you can get number and SMS codes from our human operator in messenger or site chat, from 11 am till 3 pm GMT except Saturday
    • By creating account on this site (login and password only required) you get web panel for numbers query (human served)
    • We are also treating incoming voice verifications for free if no roaming costs (ask for details when purchasing the number
    • Long term pricing plans can be prolongated
  • Year Personal - $5 per year for one web-service
    • One year leasing of phone number for registration and getting SMS from single web site
    • Two or more purchases for different web-sites - $10 per year for all
    • Dedicated number - extra $10 per year for number. All the number will belong exclusively to you. We can also provide you with access to Personal cabinet on cellular operator"s web site
    • Other conditions:
      • One year numbers are intended to keep your accounts alive for the case when SMS re-verification required. Numbers are not intended for frequent SMS reception. I.e., like daily Telegram re-verification, 2FA for frequent logins, mass Twitter verifications etc. If you intend to use your number frequent, i.e., more than one time per 2 weeks, please negotiate with us for paid SMS reception ($0.50)
      • Pricing plan doesn't suit for electronic payment systems (see Business pricing plan)
      • Telegram registrations with number of Latvia - $12
  • One-time - $1 per one web service
    • One-time number usage for registering and SMS verify from single web service
    • Special conditions:
      • Pricing plan doesn't suit for electronic payment systems (see Business pricing plan)
      • Telegram registrations with number of Latvia - $10
      • Large orders - from 20 pcs - are subject for discount using \"Bulk\" pricing plan (see below)
      • Pricing plan doesn't allow to re-use number for re-verification
  • Bulk - $0.50 for 20+ orders
    • If you need 20+ \"One-time\" numbers for one continious usage session
    • All numbers should be used during one piece continious session (maximum two) in same working day
    • Special conditions:
      • Pricing plan doesn't suit for electronic payment systems (see Business pricing plan)
      • Pricing plan doesn't suit for numbers of Latvia and for Telegram registrations
  • Business
    • Leasing numbers for registrations and SMS reception with payment systems web services
    • One-time usage - $2.50, regular clients - $2
    • One week support - $3, regular clients - $2
    • One month support - $5, regular clients - $3
    • Extra web service for same number - 50% discount for each web service
    • Special conditions:
      • To become regular customer you need to purchase 5 Business services during one month or pay one Business service for at least 6 months
      • We don't process SMS for banking
  • Other services
    • VPN and Proxy on demand: ordinal (like popular VPN services), STunnel, dedicated IP, bi-directional etc. VPS based.
    • Mediation and escrow in purchasing non-criminal goods in Russian language Internet segment (hostings, domains, proxies etc) for non-Russian speakers: 15% (minimal $10)
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We accept
Cryptocurrencies, virtually any
PerfectMoney (
WebMoney (, (WMZ, WMR)
We DO NOT accept
Everything not listed above, especially paypals, cards, skrills etc
Our customers have used our service to register in more than 300 web-services, including, Airbnb, Alldebrid,, Badoo, BeeTalk,,, BitGold,, Careem,, CloudSigma, Didlogic, Dingtone,, E-NUM, ElasticHosts,, Facebook, FastMail, Fidobank,,,, FreeJe, FunCaptcha, GlobalMoney,, Google, Hike, HOSTiQ, Hushmail, ICQ,,, Instagram, KakaoTalk, LINE, LinkedIn, LiqPay,, Mail.Ru, MeetMe, Microsoft, Mobilbet, MoneXy, Multilotto, NAVER, NEXMO, Odnoklassniki, OKPAY,, QIP, Qiwi, QQ, RealStatus, RediffMail, RedPhone, Roboforex, RunAbove, SEOSprint, SIPNET,, SMSC.UA, Sonetel,,, TALK2, Telegram, Tinder, Topface, Truecaller, Twilio, Twitter, UBER,,, UNISTREAM, Viber, Violity,,, Voxox,,, Webmoney, WeChat, WhatsApp,,, Xapo, Yahoo, Yandex, Yaplakal, Zalo