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We believe all children, regardless of their background, are entitled to an oracy education.  

We work with teachers, and in partnership with schools and areas, offering professional development to build capacity in the system to teach students through and to talk.


Oracy has been undervalued and overlooked within state schools for too long, denying the majority of children and young people opportunities consistently afforded to an advantaged few.

It is time for change. 

Oracy is to speech what literacy is to writing and numeracy is to maths. Its analogy to literacy and numeracy emphasises its equal educational significance. 

Much like good literacy and numeracy, good oracy is achieved through teaching

and cultivating a set of core skills.  

What is oracy? 

"Learning to talk  

We've categorised these skills into four strands: linguistic, physical, cognitive and social & emotional to help students and teachers recognise what elements support good talk.   

 learning through talk" 

Oracy also supports learning. Through debating, discussing and deliberating over ideas students are cognitively stretched and challenged to formulate their own opinions and come to shared decisions. Moreover, it is also fundamental to supporting the development of reading and writing skills. 


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We work in partnership with teachers and schools to build their understanding, confidence and expertise in oracy to make a sustainable change in practice every day for every child and young person.

Our Story


Voice 21 was founded by the School 21 Foundation, the pioneering charity behind School 21. 


At School 21, oracy is a core pedagogy and is deliberately and explicitly taught to all students. Working with researchers at Cambridge University and the Education Endowment Foundation, the School 21 Foundation developed a unique Oracy Framework and curriculum. This research, evidence and best practice became the foundation for Voice 21’s programmes.  

Meet our team


From Stratford, East London, to Penzance, Leeds and Bradford, our team of educators, oracy experts and entrepreneurs is spread across the UK. 


We're working with over 1,700 teachers in over 350 schools across the UK 

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"Here’s a book overflowing with ideas of how to make oracy come alive in the classroom." 

Read an exclusive extract of the recently published Transforming Teaching and Learning through talk"  by our Co-Directors of Learning and Development, Amy Gaunt and Alice Stott

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We've been named as one of HundrED's Global Education Innovations for a second year running!

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Voice 21 is a campaign to raise the status of oracy in schools across the UK & get talking in class. 

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